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I had a building built by Houston Budget Buildings in Magnolia, Texas in 2010.They did not give or have drawings to build the building to code or otherwise.

I did not find this out until after I signed the contract and gave them money. Their craftmanship had a lot to be desired also. I sent endless emails asking for drawings and about other complaints I had. I was supposed to have large gable vents and ended up with small cheap plastic vents.

I was supposed to have insulation in the roof and I ended up with none.I communicated and always got the runaround.

Review about: Building Drawings.



I also had a building built by Houston Budget Buildings and could not be happier. Their price was good and the workmanship was better. I know others who are also happy.I suggest anonymous

comments should't be taken serious as they usually are unscrupulous competition.


We also got ignored and the run around by houston budget builders.They never showed up when they said they would nor did they return phone calls in a timely manner.

When water and dirt was getting into the house, should have graded the property so it would drain away from the house. They said it was our fault because we didn't buy enough dirt. How do we know how much dirt is needed to properly prepare for a slab? They didn't ask us for more dirt.

Anyway, we waited weeks for them to finish the plumbing. After a yelling match with the builder, we decided to use someone else to finish the plumbing. When the new plumber came (and when he said he would), we found that the plumbing for toliets didn't flow correctly. The builder also did not use the correct pipes.

Now, the new plumbers may have to dig under the slab to fix the builders shoddy work.Bottom line...do not use Houston Budget Buildings.

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